Mission and vision

Optima’s mission is to:

  1. improve the region’s professional competence, respond to the demands for competence, develop the economic and working life as well as promote employment.
  2. offer flexible and effective training which contributes to the completion of qualifications and their different modules.
  3. provide opportunities to give proof of one’s professional competence irrespective of how it was acquired.
  4. teach skills for entrepreneurship and skills for maintaining one’s working and functional ability.
  5. arrange training for students in need of demanding special support.
  6. support lifelong learning and professional growth as well as students’ development into good, harmonious and civilised people and members of society.

Vision 2025

  1. Optima contributes to making the region the best-to-do region in Finland.
  2. Optima is the obvious education provider.
  3. Optima offers you up-to-date top competence.