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Study Ser­vices

Our study services, provides supplementary services for students and teachers. The staff works with office functions, student counselling and welfare services, accommodation as well as pedagogical development.

The office staff takes care of the administration routines related to student admission, study attainment register, diplomas - and much more.

The student counsellors give guidance and instruction when the students make up their individual study plans. They handle the contacts to student counsellors in comprehensive schools as well as the arrangements related to on-the-job learning periods. The student counsellors also guide our students in seeking admission to further studies.

Student welfare services are provided by the school nurse and the school welfare officer. The school nurse carries out screening of all the new students, has an office where students can come to express their worries and provides support and help in issues related to health care and medical treatment.  Simple medical treatment can be administered in the nurse’s office.

The school welfare officer acts as a link between home and school. S/he helps and supports the students to obtain and maintain a good balance in their daily lives. The school welfare officer is there for the students and their guardians in issues related to identity, development, human relations, motivation and level of satisfaction with studies as well as in different crises.

Accommodation (dormitories) are provided for students who cannot travel home in the evenings because of the distance or lack of public transport. The dorm staff make sure that the dorms are safe and maintain good order there.