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Projects and Development

Optima’s projects play an active role in the development of vocational education and training with the help of national and international funding. We plan, coordinate and participate in the implementation of different types of projects. Each project has its own objectives, staff, administration, budget and funding. The projects support and promote the implementation of Optima’s strategies and objectives, and serve as a resource in Optima’s long-term and goal-oriented development ambitions.

The development projects are carried out in close cooperation with both internal and external networks, which may include Optima’s own staff and students, representatives of other education providers, trade and industry, authorities and interest organizations. Optima is the principal in some of the development projects, and a partner in others.

The purpose is for the outcome and experiences gained in development projects becoming an integral part of Optima’s operation. The projects contribute to our increasing competence and experience, which results in the development of new operations models and good practices.

The majority of the projects are funded and administered by the National Board of Education, Regional State Administrative Agency of Länsi- and Sisä-Suomi, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Regional Council of Ostrobothnia, and CIMO Centre for International Mobility.

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