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His­to­ry of Optima

1959: the federation of municipalities for Yrkesskolan i Jakobstad, kommunalförbundet (Swedish Vocational School in Jakobstad) was established. The founding municipalities were Esse, Kokkola, Jakobstad, Larsmo, Nykarleby, Pedersöre and Purmo.

1960: six more municipalities were included in the federation: Jeppo, Karleby, Kronoby, Nedervetil, Nykarleby landskommun, and Terjärv.

1962: Swedish Vocational School in Jakobstad started its operation with 52 students in metalwork, electrical engineering and dressmaking departments.

1979: the federation was assigned agricultural education and training (Lannäslunds lantbruksskolor).

1983: Swedish Vocational School in Jakobstad became the biggest Swedish-medium general vocational school. It had 339 students.

1984: the federation was granted permission for art & crafts education and training (Terjärv Hemslöjdskola).

1989: the federation changed its name: Yrkesskolan i Jakobstad, kommunalförbund was changed into the more extensive Norra Svenska Österbottens Yrkesläroanstalter kommunalförbund (Federation of Swedish-speaking Municipalities in Northern Ostrobothnia for Vocational Institutes).

1990: the federation was assigned the responsibility for special-needs vocational education and training in August 1990 (Yrkesträningsskolan).

1993: the name of the federation was changed into Norra Svenska Österbottens Yrkesläroanstalter samkommun.

2001: Jakobstads Handelsläroverk‐Pälsläroverk / Pietarsaaren Kauppaoppilaitos – Turkisoppilaitos (Jakobstad Institute for Trade & Commerce – Fur Institute) was transferred from Jakobstad Town Council to the federation.

2003: the federation changed its name again. The new name, Optima, was introduced.

2009: Optima made changes in its organization.
The present premises providing upper secondary vocational education and training are:
• Optima Trädgårdsgatan, Jakobstad (earlier: Yrkesskolan Optima and Vuxeninstitutet Optima – Aikuisopisto Optima)
• Optima Paul Hallvars gata, Jakobstad (earlier: Handelsinstitutet Optima – Kauppaopisto Optima)
• Optima Lannäslund, Jakobstad (earlier: Lannäslundskolan Optima)
• Optima Hagagränd, Terjärv (earlier: Hantverksskolan Optima)
Adult vocational education and training & services for trade and industry:
• Optima, Trädgårdsgatan, Jakobstad
Special-needs vocational education and training in Swedish:
• Optima Åminnevägen 2A, Nykarleby

2014: The study programmes business information technician, business and administration clerk and artisan-carpenter moved to Trädgårdsgatan in Jakobstad.