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Voca­tion­al Edu­ca­tion and Train­ing for the Young

Optima arranges vocational education and training for young people and adults, answers for special-needs vocational education and training for Swedish-speaking students in Finland as well as provides various types of services for trade and industry. The language of instruction in the different programmes is primarily Swedish, but one programme in vocational upper secondary education and training as well as some parts of vocational adult education take place in Finnish.

Optima has approx. 1,100 students in the programmes for young people.

As a vocational upper secondary school Optima provides 3-year study programmes which lead to vocational qualifications (ammatillinen perustutkinto/ yrkesinriktad grundexamen). Vocational study programmes consist of 180 ECVET points.

Upper secondary vocational qualifications provide extensive vocational skills for various assignments in the field and more specialised expertise in one sector of the qualification. The qualification holders are equipped with the skills needed for employment, for performing various tasks in changing conditions in their fields, and maintaining and improving their vocational skills throughout their lives. Upper secondary vocational qualifications provide general eligibility to all forms of higher education. Holders of upper secondary vocational qualifications can also take further and specialist vocational qualifications which are arranged as competence-based qualifications for adults.

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Anna-Lena Forsman, principal
Mobile +358 44 7215 282