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On-the-Job-Learn­ing and Skills demonstrations

The concept of On‐the‐Job Learning (OJL) at Optima complies with that defined by the Finnish National Board of Education. On‐the‐job learning is a learning method, not a separate course.In on‐the‐job learning, the student is expected to learn some of the professional skills included in his/her qualification by working in an actual workplace. The student will get a chance to familiarise with real working life and work at various workplaces. Thanks to on‐the‐job learning, the student may also specialise in certain domains within his/her qualification. The present on‐the‐job learning resembles the master craftsman‐apprentice system in the old days. It will make the transition from school to working life easier and, for many students, it provides the gateway to working life.

Skills demonstration is a working life situation which the school, the working life representative, and the student together plan, implement, and assess. In on‐the‐job learning, the student trains core skills and tasks at work, and then gives proof of his/her mastery of them in a skills demonstration. In other words, the student works as usual with his/her tasks during his/her on‐the‐job learning period, and when the period is drawing towards its close, one such task or work stage is marked out and the student’s performance in it assessed and evaluated.


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